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Q4, 2017 Chinese Adipic Acid Export Analysis




In Q4, 2017, the total export volume of Chinese adipic acid was 79,920.5mt, up 37.87% Y-O-Y. The average export price of adipic acid was $1,364.65/mt, up 36.43% Y-O-Y. It is predicted that the Chinese adipic acid market will improve in 2018 and the export volume will hit a new high.

Q4, 2017 Chinese Adipic Acid Export Analysis

According to the figure above, the adipic acid export market was more blooming than it in 2016. The total export volume reached 79,920.5mt in Q4, 2017, up 37.87%Y-O-Y. The average price was $1,354.65/mt, up 36.43% Y-O-Y. The export volume of adipic acid in Q4 fell 6.03% from Q3, as the adipic acid market entered the traditional off-season and the operating rate was low.

Q4, 2017 Chinese Adipic Acid Export Analysis

In Q4, 2017, the importers of adipic acid are mainly from Asia and Europe. Singapore ranked the first in the terms of adipic acid importers, and import volume of adipic acid was 18,200mt in Q4, which accounted for 23%. The next rankings were Taiwan area, Turkey, Korea, Italy, India and Israel, which accounted for 81% of the total export volume of adipic acid. The demand for adipic acid in these countries and areas was high, while the supply was weak. There is even no adipic acid factories in part of countries. As a result, these countries and areas depend on long-term import to maintain the demand and have a long-term cooperative relationship with mainstream factories in China.

Q4, 2017 Chinese Adipic Acid Export Analysis

In Q4, 2017, Jiangsu Haili Chemical ranked the first in the terms of adipic acid producer, and the export volume accounted for 32% of the total export volume. Its products were mainly exported to Singapore and Taiwan Area. The next ranking was China Pingmei Shenma Group. The export volume was 15,603mt in Q4, 2017, which accounted for 20%. Huafeng Group ranked the third in the terms of adipic acid producer. The 180kt/a unit of adipic acid in Huafeng Group was put into production from the middle of December, 2017. As the acdipic acid produced by this 180kt/a unit was mainly for inner-supply and export, the export volume in Huafeng increased at the end 2017. Furthermore, as the unit in Shandong Haili was shut for quite a long time, the output decreased and the export volume followed. 

In general, the adipic acid export in Q4 continued being moderate, and the export volume increased from 2016. However, as the adipic acid units were often shut in Chinese factories, the operating rate was low, which restrained the export volume. At the same time, the adipic acid offers in international market increased gradually, and the price was over $1,700/mt FOB in Northeast Asia. In the future, the units will restart and the adipic acid export market will be on a high level after the Spring Festival.

Source: Echemi
Disclaimer: Echemi reserves the right of final explanation and revision for all the information.

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