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National Physical Laboratory Licenses Tech. to Make Tiles from Plastic Waste



New Delhi-based CSIR – National Physical Laboratory of India (NPL) has developed an eco-friendly technology for converting waste plastic into tiles and inked a licence deal with Visakhapatnam-based Vyzag Bio-energy Fuel to manufacture the tiles on a commercial scale.

“We bought the licence from Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC) for the technical know-how. We are also requesting the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) for land on lease to set up a plant with an investment of Rs. 3.2-crore and capacity of 5 lakh tiles per month. We hope to commission it in six months,” said Vyzag Bio Director Mr. Kotamraju Sanyasi Raju.

The Vizag company recently signed an agreement with NRDC’s Chairman and Managing Director Mr. H. Purushotham and NPL Director Mr. D. K. Aswal for the patented technology.

NPL will help fabricate waste plastic into 3-60 mm thick tiles. The designs can be customised. The product has been tested for flammability, water absorption and mechanical strength as per the standards set by the American Society for Testing Materials.

Source: Chemical Weekly
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