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BASF Builds Waterborne Production Plant for Automotive Coatings in Mexico



BASF has placed a cornerstone for its new waterborne production plant at the company’s manufacturing site in Tultitlan, Mexico. The new plant will provide sustainable solutions for the growing automotive market in Mexico.

Waterborne basecoat and primer sales are expected to grow due to the increased market demand for water based colors and coatings.

Growing capacity

"Production in our market, especially in Mexico, is growing and BASF is well positioned to take advantage of this growth,” said Chris Toomey, BASF Senior Vice President, NA Coatings Solutions. "As the number one chemical supplier to the automotive industry and one of the world's top three suppliers of automotive paint, our strategy is being fulfilled today as we continue to invest and grow our capacity."

Document signed

At the end of the ceremony, BASF executives signed a document initiating the expansion of the waterborne production plant and placed it inside a time capsule.

Source: European Coating
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