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Axalta Launches Eloxal Selection of High-Performance Metallic Effect Powder Coat



The Eloxal Selection offers reproducible, homogeneous finishes coupled with high weather resistance and exceptional exterior durability, which make it perfect for outdoor architectural applications.

With the Eloxal Selection, customers get the appearance of the most popular anodized finishes coupled with all the advantages of a powder coating, delivering a nice-looking and durable high-quality finish. And in contrast to electrolytic oxidation, powder coatings have the extra advantage that they can be applied on different substrates including steel, aluminum and cast components.

Similar to all of Axalta’s Alesta powder coatings, the Eloxal Selection is based on eco-friendly formulations with almost zero VOC content, and the coatings comply with major European environmental standards. The Eloxal selection is GSB Master and Qualicoat class 2 certified. GSB is a global quality association for surface finishes in industry and architecture to ensure quality concerning coatings as well as pretreatment.

Qualicoat is an international quality label dedicated to maintaining the quality of painting, lacquering and coating on aluminum and its alloys for architectural applications; it is said to be the world’s leading quality label for the coating of aluminum.

The Eloxal Selection also matches the AAMA 2604 requirements for high-performance powder coatings on aluminum panels and extrusions.

Source: AZO Materials
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