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Dunn-Edwards Paints Introduces ENDURAPRIME




Dunn-Edwards introduced ENDURAPRIME, an ultra-low VOC, single component, water-based, acrylic metal primer. Enduraprime provides superior resistance from corrosion and early flash rust in high humidity environments, outstanding adhesion, and a fast-drying time.

Enduraprime can be applied to interior and exterior ferrous metal, such as structural steel, wrought iron, metal gates and fences.

“Enduraprime is a high-performance primer ideal for use in environments where there is high humidity, and quick return to service times maybe desired,” said Neha Koneru, product manager for Dunn-Edwards. “Proper surface preparation is always key for long-lasting paint performance, especially in extreme conditions, and Enduraprime delivers outstanding results.”

Enduraprime is a gray primer available in one-gallons. Click for more information and technical spec sheets.

Enduraprime is a featured primer in the ENDURA Series, a new line of high-performance coatings that includes ENDURACAT and additional products to come.

Source: Coatings World
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