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Harmonite Meets EU REACH Article 33 Communications Requirements



RSS, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dupps Company, said its Harmonite products have met all the requirements of the EuropeanUnion’s REACH Article33 “Substances of Very High Concern”communications protocols.

The independent environmental compliance consultancy that performed the regulatory review concluded that none of the key constituents present in Harmonite are currently listed on the EU REACH Candidate List, Annex XIV or Annex XVII. The firm went on to state:“At this time, there are no EU REACH Article 33 or other downstream user communication obligations or restrictions associated with importation of Harmonite-containing products into the EU.”  This means that customers shipping end product articles to the EU can freely incorporate Harmonite into their formulations with no further supply chain reporting obligations as it pertains to Harmonite.

Harmonite is an engineered material manufactured in a patented,thermal-mechanical process.

Source: Coatings World
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