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JSR Launches Elastomer Subsidiary in India



Japan’s JSR Corporation has established and launched the operations of JSR Elastomer India Pvt. Ltd. in Gurgaon, Haryana, with an eye to strengthening sales and marketing of synthetic rubbers and other elastomer products in India.

India is currently the world’s fifth largest producer of automobiles, and demand for elastomer products for tyres and for automobile components is predicted to grow. Moreover, it is expected that India’s demand for high-performance products, such as solution polymerisation styrene-butadiene rubber (s-SBR) for fuel-efficient tyres, will grow amid market expansion and tougher environmental regulations targeting automobile exhaust.

“Accordingly, JSR is looking to expand its sales of elastomer products in India by establishing this new subsidiary and localizing sales and marketing activities,” a press release by the company said.

Source: Chemical Weekly
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