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Non-Fluorinated Durable Water Repellent for Synthetic Textiles



Huntsman has introduced the new PHOBOTEX® RSY non-fluorinated durable water repellent (DWR) that raises the standard for repellency, especially on high-performance synthetic textiles.

This new product will allow brands and retailers to meet global demand for eco-friendly clothing. PHOBOTEX® RSY durable water repellent is an environmentally friendly, non-fluorinated formulation that our customers and global brands can rely on to produce sustainable textile products without compromising performance.

Providing effective protection in extreme environments, PHOBOTEX® RSY durable water repellent repulses rain, sleet, snow, stains and performs well on synthetics and blends. It is ideal for high-performance outerwear fabrics, offering breathable comfort and durable water repellence.

Source: World of Chemical
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