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Barry Callebaut: 1% added sugar chocolate ‘doesn’t compromise’ quality




A chocolate made with just 1% added sugar has been launched by Belgian chocolate manufacturer Barry Callebaut.

Created in response to the current dietary climate and shifting consumer expectations, including the growing need for reduced sugar products, Ecl1pse contains 1% added sugar but is said to retain its consistency due to a high milk content.

Containing twice the milk and cocoa content of regular milk chocolate, the product allows chefs and chocolatiers to reduce sugar content in their finished goods by up to 20%, the company claimed.

‘Increased pressure on industry’

“With increased pressure on industry to reduce consumer sugar intake, there is an onus on manufacturers such as ourselves to assist in the development of products that don’t compromise on quality or flavour,” said Barry Callebaut sales director Robert Harrison.

“Ecl1pse demonstrates that reduced sugar doesn’t mean reduced flavour. Operators and retailers can create delicious chocolate products that will help the food and drink industry reach the Government’s 20% reduced sugar target by 2020.”

Meanwhile, following in the footsteps of its vegan fruit gums, German confectionery manufacturer Herza has created a new white chocolate-inspired vegan product.

Made with coconut butter and vegan milk substitute powders, the product comes in two formats – glaze pieces and powder. There is also an organic alternative that includes rice milk powder.

Source: FoodManufacture
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