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Egg price increases can be offset by replacers

Ingredients makers have responded to the recent rise in egg prices by developing cost-effective alternatives.

Organic starch maker Kröner-Stärke said its Regg-Ex egg replacer allowed food processors to simplify bakery formulas while maintaining the texture and authenticity of the original recipe.

The clean-label replacer was produced naturally from wheat flours and untreated spring water, Kröner-Stärke said.

Pound cake, muffins and bakery mixes

The product was particularly good with fine bakery wares such as pound cake, muffins and bakery mixes where comparable baking properties can be achieved with a 30–40% reduction in egg content, it added.

Meanwhile, Ulrick & Short has developed a clean-label egg replacer range claimed to be suitable for all factory processes.

Derived from wheat and maize, the ovaprox egg replacer has already proven to be successful in a variety of bakery goods such as muffins, cakes, pancakes – and also in applications like mayonnaise, Ulrick & Short said.

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Source: FoodManufacture
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