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Have We Lost Our Minds?



Brain function is sadly on the decline in the United States. Do you know anyone having a significant change in memory or have been diagnosed with either dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease?

We can change the trend that is causing a growing incidence of memory decline and Alzheimer’s Disease. To create brain wellness is a skill like learning the basics of ABC, 1-2-3, or do-re-me. We all think it is simple, but it took children years to learn those skills. Then, to attain skills to maintain good brain health, it is much more involved than taking a pill.

Brain wellness was always thought to have a gradual decline and determined at birth by your genes. Currently, the incidence of Alzheimer’s Disease and brain decline is growing at epidemic proportions. There are many reasons for the changes. You can control what happens with your brain. How can we change that trend? By creating new drugs? By demanding that the government rapidly forces industry to stop polluting the air, water and soil that may be causing brain toxicity? How about having the medical industry increase their spending with hundreds of billions of dollars, searching for new drugs or learning to change your genetics? Or maybe learning the cause of memory decline and Alzheimer’s disease and reversing it?

The answer is addressing the cause of the problem that gives you the most control over your brain wellness. If you know the process that has caused brain and memory decline, then you can stop or reverse the disease by addressing the cause. This is causing a shift in medical research. Instead of thinking what is causing brain function decline, the focus is treating why there is an epidemic for the brain decline.

A good question to ask yourself is: are prescription drugs for memory treating the smoke (a sign of a problem) or the fire (the cause)? Current memory prescription drugs are treating memory (the smoke), not the cause of the memory problems (the fire). Without taking out the fire you will continue to produce smoke. In fact, the fire has the potential of producing more smoke and getting out of control. The quest to reverse the fire seen with accelerated memory decline or Alzheimer’s Disease holds the most hope. I have read or attended seminars showing how current research is changing everything to address the fire. The first successful study revealing the various causes and showing the process on how to reverse memory loss and Alzheimer’s Disease has been completed, with over 80 percent success.

If you understand what is causing the problem, then you can start early to avoid memory loss and Alzheimer’s progression. What are some of the day-to-day issues contributing to what is going on with the mind? Many of these health changes started after the Second World War. Lifestyles and diets have changed, producing more convenience at the cost of health. The United States has some of the highest rates of chronic disease seen in any of the industrialized nations. In the last 30 years, there has been a significant increase in the use of pesticides, GMOs and herbicides. Also, our foods have synthetic additives that preserve food, enhance its looks or taste. These same food additives can alter how our body works to create medical problems over time.

What about our lifestyles? Are we living in an era without stress? Absolutely not! Stress and a sedentary lifestyle has made many of us poorly adapted to live long and healthy. You may have heard of what a healthy lifestyle is, but you may be confused on what makes sense. You have doctors, therapists and chiropractors in every source of public medium telling you what is healthy. However, at the end of the day, you are the one who must decide what is best. Studies in the last 10 years show that what we do with sleep, exercise, community and relaxation are also important to putting “more years in your life” and “more life in your years.” This works for brain wellness.

Come listen as I will provide updates from over 30 researchers. The focus is on helping you understand how to take control of your memory. It is all very positive at a time when many of us worry about ourselves or someone special around us. What will be discussed impacts both young and old since brain (and body) wellness is a life pursuit.

The talk, “Have We Lost Our Minds: A Brain’s Journey to Wellness” is at Carnegie Public Library of Steuben County, 322 S. Wayne St., Angola, on Tuesday, Feb. 27 starting at 6 p.m. Create a vision and memory for what is needed to empower yourself to better health.

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Disclaimer: Echemi reserves the right of final explanation and revision for all the information.

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