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Half of Vietnam-Origin Rubber Exported to China




In May 2018, the export volume and export value of rubber were 93kt and 0.133 billion USD respectively in Vietnam. From January to May, the export volume was 424kt, up 17.4% Y-O-Y. The export value was 0.62 billion USD, down 12.4% Y-O-Y. The average export price was $1,469/mt from January to April, down 27.1% Y-O-Y. Hereinto, the export volume of synthetic rubber was 164kt from January to April, up 2.2% Y-O-Y. The export value was $0.238 billion USD, down 27.1% Y-O-Y.

China, India and Malaysia were the major export destinations, with the proportions of 58.1%, 7.5% and 4.6% respectively.

In 2017, Vietnam exported tires to 128 markets. Hereinto, the export value of passenger car tires was 0.592 billion USD, occupying 64.3%. That of truck tires was 0.1462 billion USD, taking up 15.9%. That of motorcycle tires was 77 million USD, accounting for 8.4%. That of bicycle tires was 6.4 million USD, taking up 6.6%.

Source: SCI99
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