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The Hong Kong C&C has revealed that 15 perfumes contain high allergens.




The Hong Kong consumer council tested the safety of 55 perfumes on the market.The 55 fragrances tested range in price from hk $48 to hk $1,775 per bottle and from hk $0.5 to hk $27 per milliliter.The results showed that at least 4 kinds of fragrance-sensitizing substances were detected in all samples, among which 23 kinds of fragrance-sensitizing substances were detected as many as 10 kinds or more.Different kinds and concentrations of artificial musk substances were detected in 37 samples, and plasticizer DEP was detected in 11 samples.

Liang zichao of specialized subject of respiratory system of Hong Kong medical association expresses, the perfume in perfume volatilizes easily, when using perfume product besides contact skin, the eye and respiratory tract can contact or inhale perfume.When the concentration of aromatic substances in the environment is high enough, the olfactory nerve and trigeminal nervous system may be affected.

If the continuous exposure to high concentrations of volatile chemicals, may stimulate the nervous system and affect breathing, respiratory tract burning, tingling, nerve paralysis and other feelings.It is suggested that asthma patients should reduce the use and exposure to perfume and other scented products.

Source: Making Cosmetics
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