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Natural Cosmetics Company in North East Takes Off as People Snub Chemicals



A North East entrepreneur has developed an online market place for luxury, all-natural beauty products after suffering a life threatening illness while working as a make-up artist at the BBC.

Jo Suddes founded Flourish Beauty three years ago after her health deteriorated while working as a make-up artist on television productions such as Peaky Blinders.

While at work Ms Suddes’ eyes and hands would swell, her skin would become raw, and she developed an irregular heart beat. At its worst point, Ms Suddes’ organs began shutting down and she was told her immune system was attacking itself.

After 18 months a doctor realised she was suffering from severe allergies as a result of the cosmetic products she was handling at work. The diagnosis forced Ms Suddes to quit her job but also inspired her to launch her own business selling natural make up products.

“I was a bit stuck as I couldn’t go back to work and do what I had been doing,” said Ms Suddes. “So, that is when I started the business.

“Natural make up was quite niche at the time and it was really hard to come by. There was only one or two websites and I didn’t like the way natural make up was being sold. It was a bit hippy-ish.

“I worked in cosmetics and I like luxurious cosmetics. I wanted it to be less niche and more mainstream.”

After researching what products were available on the market, Ms Suddes founded Flourish Beauty, with the aim of selling make up that combined natural ingredients with the luxury packaging she had come to expect while working in the industry.

The company’s website now stocks 14 brands of organic cosmetic products, including Absolution, Sister & Co, and Soapwalla.


Source: Chronicle Live
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