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Shaanxi Yanchang Elevates PP and PE Production After Environmental Concerns



Shaanxi Yanchang ChinaCoal Yulin Energy & Chemical Co., Ltd. (short as Shaanxi Yanchang) has elevated its polyolefin production rate since Mar 7. The two production lines of PP, both of equal capacity around 300kt/year, are now recovering to 70-80%, operating for homo PP fiber-grade V30G and EPS30R. And the two PE lines are running at 80% for HDPE pipe PN049 and HDPE blowmolding 5502.

The coal-based plant suffered environmental pressure, and was cutting down its operation to almost half capacity of its 600kt/year PP, 300kt/year HDPE and 300kt/year LLDPE/HDPE swing plants since Jan 17.

Source: China TexNet
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