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Coating Korea 2018: The basic exhibition of Asia's coatings industry growth



Coating Korea has been held in Busan Exhibition Center from March 27 to 29, 2019!

Coating Korea is a professional international exhibition dedicated to film sheets, adhesives, coatings and chemical related raw materials. At the same time by the Korean Chemical Merchants Association and other associations of strong support.


Technical workshop

Coating Korea is involved in Henkel's adhesive technology, which is leading the global glue market in all industries. Henkel Korea has encountered leading industrial and consumer adhesives, various applications and damping agents, sealants and surface treatment products, including those used in building materials for the automotive and general industrial sectors.


The show offers customized product development and solutions to meet the needs of Korean electronics, monitors, cars, consumer electronics and a wide range of industries.


Source: Echemi
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