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Water Erxpo Middle East 2019



Time: Mar 26-28, 2019

LocationCairo, Egypt


Aquatherm&Egypt Pool, an annual event, has evolved into the most famous, largest and influential international water treatment and Pool equipment fair in north Africa.

Market analysis

Africa is one of the key areas where the Chinese government encourages companies to invest overseas.Trade between China and Egypt has grown rapidly in recent years. China is Egypt's fifth largest importer.Egypt will increase the size of its cities from less than 4 percent to 20 percent over the next two decades to accommodate a growing population.Egypt is dry all year long and relies on the Nile for water for industry, agriculture and domestic use.To meet the needs of the domestic water construction market, Egypt imports a large number of water pumps every year.Its annual sales are staggering, including about $50 million for low-pressure pumps, about $30 million for medium-sized pumps, and about $15 million for residential pressure pumps.

Source: 10Times
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